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What is Telehealth

TeleMental Health, also called Telebehavioral health, is a modern method for mental health professionals to provide services using technology. Telemental health is the same as in-person psychotherapy but delivered through secure video conferencing. 


Telemental health is a part of telemedicine and has been an integral part of the movement. Telemental health uses computer programs, video conferencing, internet programs, teleconferencing and smartphone applications for the remote delivery of mental health services including assessment, diagnosis, system tracking, and treatment.


Our providers follow all state and federal laws regarding licensure, confidentiality, and jurisdictional requirements. Additionally, the technology utilized in providing Telemental health services meets and/or exceeds those outlined by the American Telemedicine Association and other professional associations.


Please contact us for additional information regarding the technology utilized should you have questions or concerns.

Private Insurance is now paying for Telehealth!

Benefits of Telehealth

TeleMental Health is supported by the White House, Department of Defense, Veterans Administration, US Health and Human Services, American Counseling Association, American Psychological Association, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and many more. 


Accessible services for people in rural and underserved areas.


 Access for people with disabilities or elderly who have difficulty with travel


 A cost-effective way to improve access to specialized mental health treatment


Reduced wait time for services


Services are more flexible and consistent


Communications are secure and confidential


Ideal for college students and transient young adults.

Great for busy parents who are juggling too much already!

Connect with your therapist on your time!!


Telemental health is a rapidly growing field spanning across multiple mental health disciplines around the world. Our staff utilizes best practices and evidence-based techniques to offer safe and effective services to our clients.


In conjunction with thought leaders in the field of telemental health, the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE) has developed the Board Certified-Telemental Health Provider (BC-TMH) credential.


Our virtual clinicians are Board Certified-Mental Health Providers BC-TMH, with specialized training in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Telemental Health: An overview of the industry, market forces, practice requirements, funding and growth of telemental health

  • Best Practices in Video Telemental Health: Ethical and legal considerations from state licensure laws and mental health disciplines

  • Crisis ManagementProtocols for managing psychosis and duties to warn and protect

  • Settings and Care Coordination: Understanding of clinic and direct-to-consumer differences, factors, and terms

  • Direct-to-Consumer Care (DTC): Requirements for legal and ethical DTC services

  • Presentation Skills: Instruction in skills for presenting via video

  • Orienting Clients/Patients: Demonstration of client informed consent and education

  • Choosing and Using Technology: Identifying appropriate technology and use considerations

  • Information Privacy Security and HIPAA-HITECH: HIPAA training related to telemental health


Providing services electronically requires additional training in best practices, ethics and state laws. The BC-TMH training is based on established credentialing industry standards and processes, evidence-based practices, and a rigorous review of the professional literature. The credential is under review by a diverse panel of industry experts and practicing telemental health providers from all mental health disciplines, academia, government regulatory agencies, licensure boards, and health insurance organizations.

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