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We provide TeleMental Health for utilizing a HIPAA secure platform that connects clients and patients with affiliated mental health professionals. We use a platform designed specifically for secure Telehealth sessions. To enter a virtual session, please use the personal link provided to you by your clinician. 

Due to confidential nature of counseling, sessions need to occur in a confidential, closed space so that you have privacy.

  • Make sure that you place the computer quiet area free of distractions, preferably at a desk or table.

  • Eliminate all background noise such as the television or outside conversations.

  • Make sure there is appropriate lighting so you are visible. The best source of light is overhead or in front of you, not from behind.

  • Adjust the computer and web camera to an appropriate level where you can see the monitor and the counselor can see your face in the middle of the screen. 

  • During each session, the counselor will verify your identity and location, for the purpose of safety management and emergency procedures.


You will need a computer with a working camera and sound. Headsets are optional, but can sometimes provide better sound quality.  Avoid streaming videos on other computers, televisions or other devices during your session. Any simultaneous Internet usage may reduce bandwidth and compromise the quality of the online session. Sitting closer to the Wi-Fi box can help improve your connection.

In the event that the internet is not working properly or there are website issues, the remainder of the session may take place via phone. Please contact your clinician via phone if you are having technical difficulties.  During your initial intake session, the VC staff will discuss the process for technical interruptions.

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