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The transition to adulthood can be a tumultuous journey.  At Virtual Counselor, we partner with young adults to help you identify your strengths and develop the resilience to overcome the many challenges you may be facing.  Making meaningful connections, cultivating a fulfilling social life, moving somewhere new, can all lead to questions of belonging, questioning choices, and feelings of unbalance and uncertainty about your future. We help young adults move forward on your journey toward independent adulthood.


We specialize in working with young adults to help you identify and address obstacles to independence and growth.  Lack of motivation is often a symptom of deeper, underlying issues such as anxiety, depression, learning challenges or low self-esteem.  By helping you harness your own innate desire for autonomy, we will equip you with needed tools to move forward on your journey to independence.


A time of self-discovery and soul searching, young adulthood can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and in need of support or guidance. Whether you’re struggling with the transition into college, into the workforce after college, or figuring out your relationship needs, our counseling can empower you to evolve and thrive.


Common issues that emerging adults can get help with:

Depression and mood management

Social anxiety and isolation

College and career challenges

Childhood trauma or abuse

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Moving out on your own

Social media triggered stressor

Continuing advanced schooling


Developing and maintaining meaningful relationships

Negative body image

Eating Disorders


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