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Family Counseling can provide opportunities for family members to fully express themselves & share their unique perspective and voice in a supportive environment. We find family therapy to be a wonderful support to the individual therapy that adolescents & teens and young adults receive. 


All families can face stressors resulting from expected or unexpected life transitions, crises, even navigating life cycle events. Despite love and bonding, families often struggle with negative patterns of communication that can impact family dynamics and cohesiveness, influencing one or more family members to question their sense of belonging and wellbeing.  These patterns can be generational in nature and often hard to detect. Supporting families in identifying and then learning alternate means of behavior and communication can result in powerful changes in interaction, relatedness, functioning, and family health.


Our clinicians have experience working with families of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds.


Some reasons families seek counseling:

Relationship/family dynamic improvement

Blended Family Challenges

Communication enhancement

Addiction Issues

Grief and Loss

Parent/child conflict

Setting boundaries


Please contact us today to see how family therapy sessions may help to enrich your family.


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