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Art Therapy is a specialized form of mental health treatment that combines more traditional psychotherapeutic or talk therapy with creative interventions and art-making.


As an established mental health profession, art therapy can be an effective treatment for a wide range of people experiencing a variety of issues. Art therapy supports holistic healing and targets the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of individuals, groups, families, and communities. Art therapy has unique benefits in the therapeutic process that include; finding enjoyment in therapy through accessing one’s inner playfulness and imagination, enhancing the learning of and memory for new skills as a result of the concrete nature of art-making, and fostering new perspectives on problems, situations or one’s self by connecting to one’s inherent creativity.


Art therapy can benefit people of all ages and in all life stages. While it depends on the specializations of each art therapist, art therapy can benefit folks experiencing, but not limited to the following;





Life Transitions 

Relational Issues

School or Work Related Issues

Low Self Esteem


Illness or Injury

End of Life Issues


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Art Therapy for K-12 Students and Communities 


-1:1 sessions for students with counseling as a related service on their IEP or any other student in need of mental health services


-Group sessions tailored to the unique needs of the school community and student body. Examples may include groups for students with anxiety or depression, LGBTQ friendly groups, post-high school readiness groups to support seniors thinking about what’s next, and art therapy for social skills 


-Art therapy groups can also support community processing of traumatic events with separate or combined groups for students and faculty 

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