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At Virtual Counselor our therapists have worked with children and adolescents in a variety of community, school, wilderness, and inpatient settings. Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive, and interactive space for teens to find their voice and launch towards success. 


Your teen will encounter various obstacles throughout their life. Oftentimes, they may not have the skills necessary to navigate these obstacles effectively. Counseling offers the opportunity to learn and practice new skills to help manage these obstacles, as well as help your child communicate their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a helpful way.


Our staff will empower your teen to discover his or her own inherent worth & develop the internal resilience to successfully navigate the challenges they face. If you have an adolescent who is struggling, we are here to help. 


*If you are a student being referred by your school for IEP related services, please go to

Educational Services to complete your intake forms.  


Some reasons adolescents come to Virtual Counselor for counseling are :


Social Anxiety

Stress management

Relationship and peer problems

Grief and loss

Self-injurious behavior

Trauma and childhood abuse

Anger and impulse issues

Social skills training 


Substance abuse issues


We offer individual and group services to meet your teen’s needs. Contact us today so we can help your child Explore, Empower & Evolve.  


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