COLLEGE TELEHEALTH is an Online Mental Health Network designed to cater to the specific challenges that colleges and college students face.

At College Telehealth, we specialize in working with young adults to help you identify and address obstacles to independence and growth. We understand you are juggling classes, social relationships, and multiple responsibilities every day.  Lack of motivation can often be a symptom of deeper, underlying issues such as anxiety, depression, learning challenges or low self-esteem.  By helping you harness your own innate desire for autonomy, we will equip you with the needed tools to move forward on your journey to independence.


Whether you’re struggling with the transition into college, into the workforce after college, or figuring out your personal goals, College Telehealth can empower you to evolve and thrive. Why wait? Call us today! It's possible to continue sessions in the summer and on holiday breaks, depending on your location.


We offer a variety of 1:1 session options to meet your busy college lifestyle. Our virtual platform is easy to use and is accessible from the privacy of your dorm room, via a HIPAA secure video conference platform.


So you decide what works for you...


 Are you a STUDENT experiencing symptoms of depression or social anxiety?


Are you on a WAITING LIST at your college counseling center or uncertain of where to get the help you need?


Are you in a RURAL AREA with limited behavioral health resources in your community?

There is a national shortage of mental health counselors on our college campuses today!  




Partner with COLLEGE TELEHEALTH to provide

ONLINE COUNSELING to your students.

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Administrators, do you sometimes have to turn students away due to a lack of available health staff? Perhaps your department has been downsized like so many other collegiate mental health offices, causing longer wait times than you’d like for your students. Or, maybe you’re looking for a more long-term out-patient service for them, and feel there is nothing adequate available locally.

Are you concerned about your students’ ability or willingness to follow through with the referrals you provide them? They may lack the transportation, motivation, or time needed to get to the resource you’ve made available to them. Alternately, maybe you feel unsure that the student populations’ diverse needs can be appropriately accommodated by your local healthcare community. When you’ve dedicated your professional life to university students’ mental health, worrying that they’re underserved can feel like an overwhelming problem. If you are struggling with any of these questions, there is a way to bolster your university’s mental health services.




Ready to take the first step to connect with someone at College Telehealth? Our goal is to help you feel comfortable, understood, and heard. Let’s take the journey together to explore your goals, empower your confidence, and evolve into your authentic self.

SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION OR SESSION using the link below.  Once scheduled, we will invite you to our secure virtual platform where you will create and account and enter your personal information.  Initial intake forms can be signed electronically for your convenience.  

Your STUDENT PORTAL is your gateway to accessing your counselor & your personal dashboard. You will have direct access to your intake documents, billing invoices, online scheduling, & secure messaging with your clinician. 




At COLLEGE TELEHEALTH, we specialize in providing ONLINE COUNSELING  to students & young adults.


We are comprised of highly trained licensed professionals, including Board Certified TeleMental Health Providers, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), and Clinical Psychologists (PsyD). We have bilingual(Spanish) speaking clinicians. 


In providing services, we comply with laws, policies, and professional Telehealth standards within the state that services are provided.



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