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Sabrina Viramonts, LCSW


Young Adults 18-26, Adults 26+

Areas of Focus

Academic challenges
Adjustment difficulties
Race & Cultural Identity
Relationship or Marriage Issues
Sports Performance & Psychology
Stress Management

Treatment Modalities

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Motivational Interviewing
Positive Psychology
Psychodynamic Therapy
Somatic Therapy
Trauma Focused Therapy

Service Rate

Initial Session: $200
Ongoing Sessions: $200

Sabrina Viramonts, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Bilingual Spanish


Additional Credentials 

*Trauma-Focused CBT
*Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
*Motivational Interviewing

Hi, I am


Have you been experiencing anxiety, mild depression, low self-esteem, communication issues, high levels of stress, and/or trouble adjusting to life transitions? No worries, I’ve got you! My name is Sabrina Viramontes, I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California and I enjoy working with college and graduate students, therapy “1rst-timers”, athletes, entrepreneurs, and professionals working in high-stress environments. I am dedicated to providing my clients with a safe, and authentic connection that allows them to become curious, deeply reect and create meaningful change in their lives. Oh, and if you’re looking to speak some Spanglish in your session, we can do that too!

How I Can Help...

My approach to therapy is strength-based, culturally conscious and trauma-informed while utilizing somatic, mindfulness, movement and insight-oriented interventions. That is, I place an emphasis on developing a genuine connection with my clients in order to help them feel safe, notice what’s happening in their body, how to identify deeply rooted beliefs and how to nd joy in play and rest. I treat my clients with the care they deserve and model how to embrace self-love and self-compassion without judgment.

You are the expert in your life, and I work with you to gure out where you need support and what works best for you. Having been trained in various therapy treatments and interventions, together we can co-create a plan to help you increase your coping, decrease levels of distress and help you create the life you want and deserve. I recognize that many of my clients’ hardships may have resulted from systemic oppression and other injustices; I serve as a safe space to explore and validate those experiences.

When I am Not at Work....

I might be doing a whole lot of nothing, I’m serious about my rest! I love to have slow mornings and I enjoy in the small things in life such as cuddling with my dog, binge-watching my favorite shows, getting a good glute- pump at the gym, savoring my favorite foods and taking in the sounds, smells and feels of nature. Developing deep and meaningful emotional connections is important to me in my personal life and it is how I like to show up professionally in my work with clients as well.
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